Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Please take a look at Ron's hiking blog for some really cute pictures from our day together as a family. Hurry up Spring!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kid City!

Kerry and 'er Boys came to visit today. What fun we had. Three lil monsters all runnin' amok. All very cute monsters, i should add.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sam's First Birthday Party!

Well, not **his**, but his first INVITATION to one!

Shyam's daughter Ariana, who's in his daycare class, turned three and had a little party at a local community center. There were balloons (Sam was quite taken with holding on to one most of the time), activities (foam sticker pictures), and a story teller. And of course there was cake and veggies and dip and pizza and chips and juice. Sam had a good ol' time.
He got a little restless during story time, but that's understandable (Ron was dozing off himself). I had to go to the bathroom just as Ria was starting to open her gifts and i asked Ron to watch Sam, as I had a hunch Sam would not understand that the gifts were for RIA, not him. Sure enough, i had no more than sat down to do my business and i could hear Sam start to cry in the other room; i guess he wanted to open one of her puzzles. I explained to him that it's not his birthday, but Ria's, and not his toys, but Ria's, BLAH BLAH. He calmed down. I think he got it. As an alternative, he very cheerfully decided to help by throwing away all the wrapping paper. That's my helpful son!

Friday, March 07, 2008

"Do you think this ice is thick enough?"

"...Oh, yeah."

Trusty ol' Perky

Every time i make a pot of coffee in this lil cutie, i'm reminded of two things. 1) how i want to highlight her on the blog (CHECK!) and 2) [and the reason for number 1] how I've had her for 20 years next year. 20 YEARS! For a running, working coffee pot.

My parents got it for me for my freshman year of college. I've never really been a coffee drinker in the way that some people NEED coffee. I simply enjoy the taste. In fact, most of the time, i brew one scoop of flavored with three scoops of decaf. Sacrilege!

Perky probably received the most continued use in my senior year of college. But not by me; by my roommate Kerry. We were both preparing our senior art shows (the Mother of Proving One's Purpose for the Past Four Years) and spending many late nights and odd hours at our respective studios. Ours were across campus from one another. I must say here, she was highly devoted to the preparation of her show. Much more than i was, though i did come through nicely in the end (like i always seem to do). I'd be curious to know just how many pots of coffee Perky made for Kerry. I know she was lovingly abused to her greatest four-pot potential, that's for sure!

Thanks, Perky, for years of loyal service and pots of delicious brew!