Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thom's Thumb

This post is actually more for mostly recording purposes. I use the blog to reference quite often with events, kids' milestones and the like. This is one of those entries. But you might dig it anyhow.

Thom broke his little left thumb on Oct. 14. I just so happened to be in the Massachusetts area helping with a new Wegmans store grand opening when i received the calm-but-anxious call from Amy, one of his teachers at the daycare center. I told her she'd have to try and reach Ron, which she eventually did, and I eventually heard from him, headed to the hospital for x-ray.

From how i hear it, his thumb got wedged in the jamb of the door and the door completely CLOSED. So um, yeah, i guess that would break a finger. The short of it is, Thom was a total trooper after the initial shock and pain of it. He never once complained or whined. But you could tell something was up because he 'guarded' his thumb and used his other hand more.

Mmm... peeeeeling thummbbb naillll
X-rays were taken and the thumb was determined to be broken, but nothing is physically done in this situation. No splint or whatever, not for a three year old. So the thing slowly started healing. It peeled completely, like a banana, a couple times (Mommy loves peeling skin!). It was blue and red and green and ugh. Pretty soon he started to be able to bend it more and more. But soon, i noticed, he started to lose the nail. That's always a fun thing. It bubbled up in the process and i documented its' TRANSFORMATION. The weirdo little nail that emerged from underneathe is a little lumpy and jagged, but I'm guessing it'll be back to normal in a few months.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Henry Begins Daycare!

Henry is now attending the Corning Children's Center, where Thomas goes! In fact, the two of them see each other around the school or outside playing.

Months ago, i entertained the idea but I was torn with conflicting emotions about it.

How's THIS for multi-tasking!?

On the one hand, i could totally see Henry at the Center, interacting with other children his developmental age, and being exposed to all the learning tools the Center has to offer. After all, I'm convinced it is daycare that helped both Sam and Thom with their learning and potty training. Thom was slightly delayed upon entering the Center, and within 2-3 months, was right on track, in fact, exceeding in some areas.

On the other hand, however, I felt I would be judged. I feared it would appear that i was 'pushing off' my Motherly duties in caring for Hank, who needs some extra attention. This is so VERY unlike me, it really made me feel uncomfortable, to be 'worrying' about what others would think. But there it was. I was also uneasy with not being an interactive part of his therapies. One amazing benefit was that ALL four of his therapies would go to him, at the Center. But that is a little bittersweet in that I can not easily be there to watch, observe and chat with the gals.

So everything was weighed out, and the decision was made. We are quite fortunate, once again, in that Henry qualified for the Early Headstart Program (age 0-3) which is wholly funded by NYS.

He's been going for a little over a month now, and the advancements he is making are GREAT and QUITE noticeable and noteworthy! He is starting to sign. He does "more" and "all done" and quite frequently pats on his belly when asked where it is. He can wave and 'say' bye-bye and puts his arms in the air when someone asks, "How big is Henry? SOOO BIG!" These things are not all done EVERY time, but certainly enough for it to count and be noticed.

The gals in his room are AMAZING with him. In the first days of his attendance, i hosted a little "presentation" to everything uniquely Henry. I had five women and I forming a circle around wiggly Hank. I created laminated visual charts with directions on how to work his feeding pump. I walked them through, step by step. I literally SHOWED them Henry - his g-tube button on his belly, his chest incision scar. I told them that when Henry hiccups, people in the next room will be able to hear it - its incredibly hollow-sounding and loud and to not be alarmed. I eased their nerves about handling a 'special' little guy. Within the first week, they smiled and said they'd take 12 Henrys any day. Sounded to me like he was flirting. :-)

Diggin' on the spoon. He practices tastes and getting used to things in his mouth!

"Stick with me, hunny."
Henry does feet painting, sits at Circle Time, and takes Buggy Rides to the Farmer's Market down the road. He's decorated a mini pumpkin and mushes his fingers (with help, of course) into homemade play-doh. He's even got a little girlfriend, Alexa. She is VERY protective of Henry and her eyes light up wildly when i bring him in the morning. She walks over, pats his leg and tells everyone around her: "Henry! Henry!"

Henry is in a room with children who are developmentally close to his level. Most of them are about a year to 18 mos old. Henry is not quite functioning at a 12 mo level, but he's getting there FAST. He is sitting up on his own longer and longer without falling over. I believe by Christmas time, or shortly thereafter (by his 2nd birthday late January?), he'll be sitting up.

Sitting, unassisted!
This was a wonderful decision we've made. Maybe even the BEST. He's getting amazing care and attention in an atmosphere totally conducive to aiding him developmentally. Let's not also forget the obvious here: This frees up Mommy and Daddy time. I've been able to get some things done around the house, with an ever-growing list. I'll be the first to admit that its NICE to run errands without 1-3 kids in tow.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Chris's "Second" Triathlon

The reason the word Second is in quotes in the title is because, despite being in a triathlon the first time, solo, in Sept of 2007, this time, i was part of a relay team in the Finger Lakes Triathlon in Canandaigua, NY. For those unfamiliar, a triathlon is an athletic event comprising of, back-to-back: swimming, biking and running (in that order). A Sprint triathlon's distance is 1.5 mi. swim, 13 mi. bike, 3.1 mi. run. This is the distance i am talking about in both instances.

The "Corning Gals."Relay-mates from RIGHT: Pam and Maria. [Mikki, next to me, went solo.]
The initial draft of this post went on and on with the details of why i was on a relay team this year vs. going solo again. Solo was the plan when i registered in January. "Life" intervened, primarily including painful heel spurs and lack of training. By July, I was in disappointing acknowledgment that it would be asinine to kid myself and compete. So i bowed out.

But then friends from Wegmans lost their relay biking teammate and i thought it was the perfect compromise. I could bike 13 mi - albeit very SLOWLY, but i could do it - and i wouldn't have to run on my feet. So i agreed.

... And i was indeed VERY slow; my first bike tri time was 1:02. This year... well... add on 20 min. :-/ Boo hiss. One of the slowest bike times in the whole tri, actually. But i never dismounted! Halle-freakin-luia on that, at least.

It was a fun day!! It was nice to be around so many green/white Wegmans jerseys and to know I was a part of a team, literally and figuratively. I was proud of my relay-mates. And while [slowly] biking, I really enjoyed watching the rolling green hills, the corn fields swaying in the perfect September breeze. The weather was very friendly to all of us.

The Wegmans Team!

I do feel, however, in my heart of hearts, that triathlon is something that I'd prefer to do alone. There is a thrill i love feeling in accomplishing all three sports in one event. I will not make promises of competing again, but I can feel I'll always be drawn to it...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Slacky Slackerson

Honestly, i don't get it. I was SO ON TOP of this blog a mere 4-5 months ago. There was time for it, i had pics and fun stories. I mean, even *I* click on it frequently now, thinking there'll be witty anecdotes and informative updates, and then i think, "oh wait... um... er... YOU'RE the one that updates it, you doofus!"

So i'm not sure what happened along the way, but it seems I cannot find the time to brush my own hair sometimes. The day plows along, and once i shut the door to the boys bedroom at night and tuck in lovey Hanks for bedtime, my energy level officially syncs up with the time remaining in the day and bottoms out at about 1 or 0.5. Ridiculous. Pathetic. The Dog Ate My Homework. Pft.

A mini list in the meantime (in no particular order):

  • Chris' Second Triathlon (well... sorta)
  • Henry Starts Daycare!
  • Henry's Eye Surgery (... or not).
  • Sim Redmond Band at the Harvest Cafe

... and so on and so forth. Here. *pulling out calendar* - I'm going to actually SCHEDULE, in pen, a time to make the blog happy and pretty again. I miss her too. :-)