Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Pregnancy's Craving of Choice IS.....


All types, stuffed with pimentoes, blue cheese, almonds - - just BRING IT! I don't suppose the salt content is helpful, but in general, olives are good for me! They're rich in iron, Vitamin E and copper and are a good source of fiber. Even the fat content in them is the GOOD kind(monounsaturated).

With Sam and Thom, it was endless amount of limeade or lemonade. Maybe since it's OLIVES, and Olive could be a girl's name...........................

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lil Updates

First, a direct addressing of our latest news: Yes, we are preggers yet again. This'll make Lucky Number Three - and the END of my baby-makin' skillz. Three feels right - complete - and well, mah belly doesn't need to be sliced more than three times, dontcha agree? We are really excited. I, for one, am eager for the big day to just come: January 28 is my due date (though in having a third c-section, it'll probably be more like January 21). No, we are not finding out the sex (for the third time) but i can tell you that nearly 100% of the folks polled are routing for a GIRL. Quite frankly, Ron and i don't mind either way. I have said outloud that i think a girl would be a fun little "mixup" to the clan, but at the same time, i can totally see us being the Family of Telford Boys. So we shall see. Sam knows about the baby coming and asks about twice a week if the baby is ready to come out of my belly yet. When i say no, he puts out his hands in a "wassamatta" gesture and cries, "well WHEEENNNN THENN???" He is VERY much wanting, and I quote: "a CUTE little girl, like the little girl in Monsters Inc. She is cute and i like her." We'll see what we can do, buddy.

Speaking of Sam, we've had another MILESTONE (I was going to call it a "Smilestone" but thought that was just a little too cutesy-mommy for my taste (but now just in mentioning it, i've managed to get it out there anyway!)). I had heard of folks teaching their children to read a clock in order to tell them what time they are allowed to come out of their bedroom in the morning, to encourage them to learn time AS WELL AS to give the parents a freakin' break from the early morning rising that is sometimes unbearable and just plain not FAIR (esp to a pregnant mom that gets very little sleep at all).

So i gave Sam our small digital alarm clock that sits next to our bed and said
"What number comes after 6?"
"That's right... and how is 7 shaped?"
(and he draws a seven in the air)
Me: "That's RIGHT!!! So here's the game we'll play... in the morning, when you wake up, you can't come in to Mommy and Daddy's room until there is a SEVEN on the far left - right here - of the clock. This means it's SEVEN O'CLOCK, and THAT is the special time that you can come out. But you can't come to us before then."

FIRST MORNING - IT WORKED!!!! Well, er, um, he came in at 6:57 and pointed to the seven and i said, "oh Sam, you rock... but the seven needs to be on THIS SIDE (pointing)." So he trotted back and come back PRECISELY three minutes later, SUPER EXCITED that he could point to the clock that read "7:00." I gave him high fives and hugged and praised him! AND EVERY MORNING SINCE (4 or so mornings), sure enough, he stays in there til 7:01 (he's probably already awake and watching the clock to turn) or past seven, at which point he wakes and realizes the seven is already in the front.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this little trick to any parent that has early risers (Sam started coming in at 5:50 at one point - eek) and likes games. Make it a game. Sam is 3½ and he got it. I think as long as your kid knows his/her numbers and knows their SHAPE, you've got it made.

In Thom news, he's got five teeth OUT and it has changed his whole look. I'm trying desperately to get a good photo of all the teeth, but i'm having a hard time. He's scooching like a pro and eats fingers foods with great dexterity, like Sam did. He digs blueberries, strawberries, oyster crackers, cut green beans (sometimes), ground beef (esp with spag sauce), just about any cut fruit (except for mandarin oranges - texture thing?)... he's rockin on. We are starting to introduce egg and soon he'll be on cow's milk.

And one more update: WE'RE HEADING TO SEE HOPEY AND SEBASTIEN for their wedding!!! They live in Portland, OR so that means our first family venture on an airplane (a few really - layovers). Sam is very excited! He loves planes and i plan to have a Cars backpack filled with GOODIES. Thom is the one that i'm wondering about - he'll be a lap baby. Wondering how that four hour jaunt from Chicago to Portland will go. Well, a million families have done this, so we'll do fine!

On this note, we'll tune back in with trip stories and photos. Then we turn right around and head to family vacation in Maine. FUN FUN FUN, go go go!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Now the Next Challenge...

... will be to come up with a name, easily spelled and pronounced (my core requirements!), beginning with the next letter, "U."* Any suggestions? Dad, this should be your territory, being the wordsmith that you are, AND considering you've been routing for this every time you see us!

Oh yeah - - and today is Ron's and my 4th year anniversary. Excellent memories of that day, with the storybook perfect weather and the 'fashionably' late bride. Good times...

*This is a joke. Not a big fan of Uma or Unger...