Monday, November 28, 2011

Strabismus Surgery

Henry was born with an eye that intermittently gazed outward, called "exotropia." The general disorder of an eye not aligned forward is called "strabismus."

From Wikipedia: "The brain's ability to see three-dimensional objects depends on proper alignment of the eyes. When both eyes are properly aligned and aimed at the same target, the visual portion of the brain fuses the forms into a single image. When one eye turns inward, outward, upward, or downward, two different pictures are sent to the brain. This causes loss of depth perception and binocular vision."

Before Surgery
After Surgery
Over a year ago, Henry had glaucoma surgery on the same eye. On November 7th, strabismus surgery was performed in Rochester to correct his alignment. It's a simple 20 minute surgery, quite routine in fact (his doctor, Dr. Gearinger, often performs eight or more on a given day), but it still requires anesthesiology, which is NEVER a "small thing" with Henry and his heart condition.

That all said - - WOW, what a difference it's made! Not only in his appearance, but i believe his reaction time and concentrated focus on an object is noticeable.

Henry's overall health and demeanor are excellent right now. We've not seen any recurring seizure activity (he's on medication for that) and his oxygen levels are holding steady at 82-85. He had a small ear infection that is almost gone, with good ol' antibiotics. He's happy, cooing, learning more signs (such as "more," "bye bye" and "all gone") and is getting stronger. He likes to stand a lot in his exersaucer, and is ALMOST at holding steady in a sitting position on his own (if he goes over, however, there's no getting back up on his own!).

He's 22 months old today. Wow. Time a'zooms...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday, Samson!!!

Love that smile!
Sam started his day off with a gift from Daddy really (although Ron said it was from US, i like that it was from him). He found a crossbow compound bow and arrows geared toward kids. We explained very clearly to Sam that this was to be done ONLY while Daddy is around, and he got it. In fact, it gets put out of childs' reach. I'll have to get video of him shooting arrows!

Ron surprised Sam with a kid crossbow! Now we needa target!
(Nothing like recycling MY birthday signs!)
This year was the first year that we celebrated Sam's birthday with a "bonafide" party with some of Sam's friends. I completely winged it, considering the late date in planning. But thanks to some awesome friends with kids who are buddies with Sam, awesome family and the magic of going to a play center on a WEEKDAY evening (read: The whole place to ourselves!), we had a great little party. Lots of sweating, laughter, jumping, bumping, running, snacks, candles, cake, juice, Spongebob...

Battle of the Toothy Grin! (Thomas,3 and Brendan,4)

"So I sez to her, i sez, 'Sweetie, you pick out ANYTHING, money means NUTHIN' to me!'"

"Duuuuude... great paaarrty *burp*"

Life's good.

Sam, you're growing up fast, my friend. We're savoring every day as best as we can...

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Hank's Magic Nose

I *JUST* noticed this yesterday, after Henry's eye surgery (post forthcoming, i do promise!).

Henry's nose is changing it's shape.

About a 5 month gap between photos.

I vaguely recall Dr. Girotto, his craniofacial surgeon, mentioning that in extreme cases, such as that of Henry, one more additional surgery could be needed, to 'finalize' shape and form. I want to talk with Dr. G to see if such a further surgery would be beneficial, medically.

4 months old (June 2010)

Cosmetically... well, the difference is clear. But that is something that needs much thought...

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share something I noticed.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Brr... it's cold outside, but warm inside the Henry Cocoon.

Peek-a-Boo... I see you!