Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Family Summer Vacation

Don't have time right now to post all the AWESOME pics of our vacation 2 weeks ago, but i'll be back soon...

Well, it's "Official" *

* according to Samson...

We're having a girl. He's getting a little sister. For a while there, when asked what Mommy was having, he'd just say "baby" or "mouse" (confusing my belly, of course, with his own), etc. Or he'd just smile and walk away.

Within the past week, he said "sister." He said "girl." I no longer prompt him, and he provides one of those words on his own.

... this should be fun to see. I hear older siblings JUST KNOW. :-)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


The Bun had the hiccups this afternoon. It's one thing, of course, to have baby limbs kickin' and karate choppin' from inside, or to have my whole abdomenal region visually move to the left or right from a lurch inside (it happens!), but to feel the rhythmic nature of a hiccup... Hiccup - kick - hiccup. Hiccup - twirl - hiccup. Finally i think Bun just gave up and rode the hiccup wave. They were gone in about 6 minutes. :)