Sunday, February 26, 2006

Snow Anyone?

Over the holidays, we got dumped with a decent amount of snow. Nothing TOO crazy, but just enough to make a good-sized snowman. Which my father and Ron did together. Not just ONE, but two, and BIG ONES. Taller than them (my dad is 6'2"). It was really good packin' snow, and the two of them were out there for a couple hours, making a "Mr." and a "Mrs." Snowman. I think they really had a good time. We haven't had a snowfall like that since - in fact, it's been a VERY MILD winter here in Western NY, but i guess i shouldn't complain. Just last night, we had white out conditions with the snow blowing horizontally - but that only lasted 20 min, then it was back to blue sky. It's weird like that around here.

ThE PeTs !!!

Perhaps some of you have been wondering how the pets are taking to Samson. Well, the short answer is "very well." By the photos I've included, maybe you can see just how much Mr. Beegsley loves Sam - he gives him kisses every chance he can sneek them. This just drives Ron's mom Shirley CRAZY, but it's worth the laugh. Might as well expose him at an early age to all the ALLERGENS floating around our house. The "upstairs cats" (that's what we call them because that is where they stay having "downstairs dogs") don't think too much of Sam. They sniff him, and Bebe rubs up against Sam's swinging arm for petting, but other than that, I don't think the cats even care there's a baby around. I was afraid of them sleeping (or worse, peeing) in his crib, but I don't think Bebe can jump that high, and Zap's shown little interest. Four pets and a baby - - now that will keep anyone on their toes!