Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Stand Very Still, Sam...

Who says Sam is too small to fill Daddy's shoes... er... boots?

Oh, he is learning...

Today, i had to reprimand Sam for repeatedly touching all the buttons on and around the computer. I've made the computer station (including the phone) OFF LIMITS, and am consistent with that. Sam, however, is growing more and more frustrated, and in true toddler fashion, is testing me by repeating his actions, as if I'm going to give in. He's going to be very surprised with my tenacity in 'staying the course.' Bwa-ha-ha-ha.

After a fake crying show (Ron and i like to refer to the Various Cryings of Samson as "trauma vs. drama - KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!" So far, its all drama), Sam came over puckering up his lips for a kiss, all while hummmmmmmming.

"If i give Mommy a kiss, she won't be mad at me and MAYBE she'll even let me push those tiny buttons afterall."

Sam DID get a kiss back. As for the latter 'wish' - - no can do, Bub. But thanks for playing. :-)

*THIS* is why the Sal Val ROCKS!!!

For you "out of the loop"ers out there, the Sal Val is short for Salvation Army Thrift Store. And here is exactly why Ron and i dig going there to surf around 1-3 times a week.

Here are a brand new set of skates, a collaboration between L.L. Bean and CCM, a major hockey manufacturer. From what i can tell, they look to be a Toddler size 9. Next to them, a brand new pair of L.L. Bean hiking boots, Toddler size 7. Sam is currently wearing a size 5.

Both are in pristine condition. If they've been worn at all, i'd say it was no more than 1 or 2 times.

Here's the catch. Total, the two pairs cost us $5.00. FIVE BUCKS!

I did a little research online, and retail, they would have cost me, combined, around $70.

If you've never been to the Sal Val, i strongly suggest you go. It's NOT all stained, holey clothes worn by couch potatoes. A lot of times, its brand new, with tags still on, or very close to new. I'm always finding Sam brand newish Baby Gap and Old Navy clothes for CHEAP.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Sledding... well... sorta

My friend Autumn and I wanted to go sledding the other day, so we planned it, and i bundled Sam up. Here he is minutes before he looked like a tick ready to pop (if i took a pic of him in that state, it'd be pretty ugly - red face, crying. Just cruel!). I thought a pair of my wool sox over HIS sneakers and sox (and up the entire length of his leg!) would help keep him warmer. Layers, layers, layers! I picked up Autumn and her husband, and after making a few calls to friends with kids, ended up on a pretty steep hill along the side of West High School.

The wind turned out to be FIERCE - much stronger than Autumn and i noticed from our homes. Also, i never really anticipated how heavy and cumbersome (in a loving way) my son would be while trying to walk back up the hill with a sled in my other arm. I was made very aware of how out of shape i am in a matter of minutes. Despite our "obstacles," we managed a couple good rides down the slope. It was fast! Sam didn't really know what to make of the couple times we went down (once w/out the sled on just my butt). His eyes were tearing up and he had drool all over his chin. We decided within 20 minutes that a warmer, less windy day, would be much more fun. I also thought maybe a slightly less steep hill would be really good if I have Sam with me again.

The other pics are just fun. There's a little story attached. The plastic white container he's playing with once had snacks in them, and long since, the wrapper's been gone and we put the "fishies" in it (Goldfish crackers). Well, Sam finished off the last of the stash (Beegs and Keets helped) and became COMPLETELY ENGROSSED in the construction and essense of this container for, no exaggeration, an hour. I know, because the local and national news both came and went. I was just as fascinated watching him be so absorbed.

The last picture is for all you folks that get such a kick out of ME sticking my tongue out when i work and concentrate on doing something. I passed this gene onto my son! WOO HOO!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

WOW! What a Valentine's Day. We got dumped with over a foot of snow. A ton of places were closed, as was to be expected. However, Ron's running joke that "Wegmans is canceled" did not run across the ticker tape at the bottom of our t.v. this
morning, so i had to go in. I had decided last night on walking in and stuck to my guns. Besides, it was way easier (and safer) than cleaning off and digging out the car. It was quite beautiful this morning, actually. I love walking in the snow when it is still CLEAN and new and not mucked up by a ton of car exhaust and plow dirt and sand. I'm not a big fan of shoveling this much snow, but its wonderful that i now have help (Ron and i make a good tag team), and it also beats mowing a lawn, so i pick my battles.

Ron and I had decided last week that we'd go out to dinner on V-Day. We had originally planned on a Tapas Bar in Horseheads named Simon's, but this was before The Big Snow. So we picked the new Indian Restaurant that just opened Monday on

Market Street. We again walked. We had been watching way too many people struggling and sliding up and down our street to risk it. Besides, again, we like walking. So we bundled up Sam and headed down. We had a great supper - so tasty! I've been wishing for an Indian restaurant to open in town for YEARS now. We have leftovers - woo hoo! Sam enjoyed his papadum (a very thin crispy cracker) and even some of a vegetable samosa. Then he stuck to banana and oyster crackers i brought with me. He also ate a little basmati rice - - a very WHITE supper for him. Ha.

Monday, February 05, 2007

A Visit to Kerry's

On Jan. 28, a Sunday off together, Sam and I went to visit Kerry, my college roommate. This was only the second time I had seen Emmet, her now almost 6 mo. old little boy. Liam is now 3. Sam fits right in the middle. We had a really nice day and I must say, all three kids got along really well and were being GREAT (read: manageable). Emmet is all smiles and gurgles in his ExerSaucer and Liam was all over the place showing me anything Thomas the Tank Engine-related. Kerry and I are looking forward to the weather warming up so we can take the kids to the park and be outside more.