Saturday, March 18, 2006


I had my first official *GAG* at a dirty diaper today. The dang thing was BLUE and soaked thru all his clothes. Both Ron and Samson thought this was VERY FUNNY! Yeah - well - Guess who's going to change the nasty ones from now on??....

i made a kick ass sign for over the salad bar at Wegmans today. It's simple upon first glance, but elegant and precise with longer study. HA! Below is a couple snaps from "The Frog Pond" that i did for the front door bakery case. They were selling cupcake frogs (read: would you like a little cupcake with your icing?) and i decided to do it up. The frog is from memory - he was the theme of one of my senior art projects in college. This was a fun display to work on and got a lot of compliments and sales! HEY! - i should get a raise!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Samson's Four Months Old!

Sam will be four months old on Thursday. He just had his 4 mo. check up at the docs yesterday. To my dismay and concern, he is underweight. He should be gaining 1 oz. a day and he's only gained 6 ozs. in 2 months. Doc said not to worry, we'll get him back on track starting immediately. She said, "lemme guess... Sam's a happy, easy going, laid back baby." I exclaimed "YES! Why?" She explained that chill babies don't 'complain' as much as others, and therefore when we feed him 4 oz. at a sitting, its just enough to take the hunger edge off, but he COULD eat more - he just won't let us know. He'll go back to cooing and laughing or taking a mild nap. I felt very bad at first, finding out his weight, but today, i feel better knowing that i'm being the best mom i can be. Sam's just like his daddy this way - Mr. "It's all good!"

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Giggler

Now i don't want to go out on a limb here, but I could SWEAR, the other night, i made Sam laugh ON PURPOSE at something i was doing. I'm sure i did. I had him spread out in my hands, lengthwise (hands holding his head and feet) and was jiggling my head in his tummy while making a ton of ridiculous noises and HE WAS LAUGHING!!!! I was so thrilled that he was responding to something i was doing to make him laugh that i kept doing it just to hear his wonderful little happy voice.