Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sam's Being So Quiet and Good....

It's good to check on Sam when I don't HEAR him... and this is what i found. Instead of getting upset (which wasn't really an option in this case), i decided to capture the moment...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mini Sammy-isms

I don't have a monster stash like i did the last entry, but two notable ones come to mind, the last of which made me laugh VERY hard.

* * *

On the ride home from school in the car:
"Sam... what did you do in school today?"
"Um... i played in the block area with Jack and Toby."
"Oh that sounds like fun!"
"Mom... what we going to do tonight?"
"Well Sam... (and i'm talking thru a yawn at this point).. we're gonna have supper and then we can read some books."
"Mom... i couldn't hear you... i couldn't hear what you were saying because you were yawning."
I chuckle, "Oh, i'm sorry Sweetie... i said (and i repeat it all). Sam, i'm sorry i was yawning."
"That's alright. I know you are tired."

Sam's become very chatty on the phone. He does well, for the most part. He likes to pick up the cordless at the same time Ron picks up the kitchen wall phone so we can all have a three way convo.
"Dad, i want to talk to Mom. Mom.. um (heavy panting, like he's run a marathon, which already makes me chuckle)... um... when you come home and Daddy goes to work, i want you to play in my playroom with me."
"Sure sweetie."
"Hey mom... I'm almost as big as Daddy."
"You are?... well, almost."
"Mom... i'm lookin out the window and it's snowing out!"
"No it's not Sam... it's WARM out today (it's 55 degrees!)."
"No no no no... i can see snow falling from the sky."
[I confirm with Ron, in the OFF chance there was a temp drop. There wasn't.]
"Mom... um... when you come home, i want you to feel my big muscles."
Here's where i lose it. He's clearly coming up with stuff just to talk to me on the phone.

God, i love my bugger.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thank You, Sam!

I have to hand it to Sam- I've had this puzzle spread out for three weeks and he hasn't messed it up once... beyond hitting a few, here & there- while racing his cars. (I also have to hand it to Chris, who's put up w/ it monopolizing our kitchen for almost a month!)