Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sugar Boogar*

*Thank you Natalie, for coining this nickname!

Here's Mommy and Sam, just hanging out and bein' cool! Too bad the stinkin' date is in his MOUTH!


Well, i'm finally here with an update and a couple photos. The gals and i (from left: me, Christa, Pam and Amanda) had a BLAST in the Big Apple, eventhough we were only there for less than 24 hrs. We got there around 5 on Tuesday evening and settled into our room in the heart of Hell's Kitchen (nicer than the name denotes - very cultural!). We found a cute little Italian restaurant where we enjoyed some really good food (I had a $10 glass of Sangria!) and the ambience - SO EASY to people-watch. After that, we wandered around Times Square among a TON of people! That area never shuts down. We walked into a few shops and just soaked it all in. We woke bright and early the following morning to go to the R-n-K studio. There wasn't even clammering for the bathroom! :-) We walked about 15 blocks and proceeded to stand in line (outside, then inside) for 2.5 hrs. Soon enough, we were inside the studio - it was much smaller than we all thought. Not only does the camera add 10 lbs, but apparently, it adds FOOTAGE as well. Both Reg and Kelly were there that day (no subs) and the guests were Neil Patrick Harris (aka Doogie Houser), some dude from some soap (sorry guys) and some dude from Men's Health Magazine to highlight Father's Day gadgets. Not only did I NOT get to dance in the "Trivia a-Go Go" booth (sniffle), but none of us won anything from the phone-in viewer picking our number. We could have won 100 lbs of Lobster (or something like that!). I should also add here that the President came on t.v. and was on for 45 minutes out of the hour in our area. My folks in VA get the show an hour later, however, and they said they didn't see any of us on t.v. We were homeward bound by 2pm and home by 7, thanks to some SUPERIOR driving by Christa, who is immune from speeding tickets (ha). Let's do it all again soon ladies!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

"I'm outta CONTROL!"

Next Wednesday, The Girls from work and i are driving to NYC to be in the "Regis and Kelly" audience! Back in Feb., for the helluvit, we wrote for free tickets, and lo and behold, we got them! We're gonna drive out on Tues, spend the night, go to the taping the next morning (its done about an hour before airing, so it IS "Live") and then head back. I'm kinda looking forward to it! I'll be sure to post pics and a synopsis when we return!

Toofer One

Sam is cutting his two bottom teeth at the same time. For the most part, he's pretty chill about it, but from time to time, i can tell the lil guy is in pain.

One time was last night. He woke at 11, so sleepy, but with his whole fist in his mouth. I changed him (he turned purple crying during that!), swaddled him loosely, and slow-danced with him in my arms, showing him stuff around the bedroom, including a metal wire star we having hanging by fishing line that he loves to watch when i twirl it. Between the cuddling and star-twirling, that's all he needed. Soon he was smiling at his daddy and i was able to put him back to bed. I can only imagine what it feels like to cut a tooth. Well actually, i sorta know - i've cut a wisdom tooth before. That's pretty sore.