Sunday, April 23, 2006

Out on a Limb

Ron began building his treehouse out behind the house next to the garage! The wood he is using is all found and/or salvaged. He also wants to incorporate some old doors that he's acquired both from around our house and the houses of others' in our neighborhood (with their permission, of course). It's got a ways to go, but it's fun for me to watch the progression, not to mention Ron really enjoys getting out there and putting his creative talents to use. It's awesome that the warm sunny weather has finally arrived. I'm not sure if this is going to be a "Boyz Only" pad, but i'll try to gain admission with my charm. Hehe :-)


Sam's begun eating solids! Woo hoo. A major milestone in The Life of Baby. So far, he's rejected none of the regs: applesauce, pears, carrots, green beans (so far) nor the ol' standbys: rice and barley cereal. I'm hoping that indicates a welcome appreciation for a variety of good stuff later down the road. Ron and i dig just about everything (okay, i hate lima beans!), so we hope to pass that onto Samson. Unfortunately, while he loves gobbling the new foods down, the "back door" is not as kind. I think we've got Mr. Sensitive Skin on our hands; I'm already a pro with tending to and curing diaper rash. Quiz me!

... and so it begins...

About a week ago, i would not have been able to type the following, and i haven't passed it by Ron on whether or not we should make it 'public,' but i trust just about every good parent has had the following happen to them, and i'm A GOOD MOM, so here it goes:

I let Sam fall off his diaper table on my watch.

I had run to the kitchen for a second (he was strapped to the table, letting his diaper-rashed butt air dry) and next i knew, a loud BOOM. I turn; he's on the floor. Wailing, of course. I just about puked, i was so scared, my hands were shaking violently as i picked him up. Let it be known now, at this point into my story, that he is fine. He was actually fine no more than 15 min later, after he finished his sniffling. Spare me the reprimanding, because even though i let it happen, and i feel horrible about it, i KNOW one never leaves a baby unattended. For the record, he did not roll off the side; he pushed himself up lengthwise from under the "safety strap." How come i didn't see that coming? Ugh.

So you think that's bad enough? Just FOUR DAYS LATER, i was rocking in the chair on the porch, feeding him (on an amazingly warm and gorgeously sunny April day), and i hear some very faint cracking sounds. One here. One there. I find it odd, but i keep rocking. That was mistake number one. Mistake number two: CRAAACK - - the chair breaks (every overweight person's nightmare!), and both Sam and i go tumbling down, he, again, landing on his head, though this fall was cushioned a majority of the way down by me. He was fine in about 18 seconds, and this time, i felt like a 'seasoned mom,' quite familiar with tumbles and falls.

Poor Sam. Needless to say, i'm breaking him in rather "nicely." He hasn't decided to hold any grudges, which is cool, because i'd really miss his awesome little smile.

The ladies at work made me feel better by sharing their own horror stories, one including an 8 mo old that tumbled down a whole flight of stairs, only to land at the bottom cooing.

For another record: the chair that i broke was old, weather-beaten wood from sitting on our porch unpainted or tended to for 6+ summers and winters. That is not to mask the fact that i need to lose weight, this i know. God.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

By Popular Demand...

And now, some photos for your sheer enjoyment. Oohs and Aahs are welcome (hehe).

Shirley Creations

Ron's mom, Shirley, has a wonderful time creating knitted FASHIONS for Samson. The first one here i like to call "Little Bunny Butthead" - LOVINGLY of course - because the top looks like - well - a bunny butt! It's cute. I think he looks a little bit like a girl in this pom pom jacket, but its still fun. I also like the tan duo, and i call Sam "The Thug" with this one. Just look at the menacing face he's making, as if to say "hand over the candy lady, and no one gets hurt!" Hehehe....


Ron picked up this puzzle at a local Salvation Army recently. I get a kick out of him doing this, because for years, i figured that picking up a puzzle at the Sal Val would only prove missing that LAST FINAL PIECE just as i was finishing it. This has never actually happened to me, but - ya know. This was not the case with this puzzle, and we finished it successfully! At first, i had nothing to do with helping him, as it seemed IMPOSSIBLE to do. Sure enough, over time, i found my eyes lingering on it as i walked by, then sitting down to place ONE PIECE, then sitting down for over an hour to place as many as i could. Right now, there is an even IMPOSSIBLER puzzle in the same spot on our kitchen table. Its a photo mosaic. Its an image of the whole Simpson family comprised of a TON of tiny images from Simpsons' shows. Well - don't worry - i'll take a picture of that one completed and post it when ***RON*** finishes it. I have no desire (at least yet) to help him with that one. I'm blind enough as it is.