Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Parade, Corning Style!

And when i say Corning Style, i mean let's bring out every fire truck in a 50 mile radius. Oh, i suppose all small town parades are the same. I don't really remember attending them as a child in Virginia. Probably because Fairfax's would have been 4 hours long! ~ This was Sam's first parade. He really enjoyed it, I think. He clapped a
few times when a few firetrucks (HA!) went by. There was a kid in a gorilla costume that came up and shook his hand, and somehow that didn't wig him out, thank goodness! I quite enjoyed the Corning East Marching Band's performance right in front of us. I always get chills when i hear the BIG DRUMS. I love that feeling in my gut. I think the whole thing lasted all of 30 min, which i predicted. I did not, however, predict the low turnout. At least it seemed low to me. I was expecting parking hassles and no place to sit on the sidelines. Not only did we get a roomy spot in the shade, but Ron was able to
park right around the corner. Go figure. Today's weather was PICTURE PERFECT. No clouds, blue sky, awesome breeze, and warm enough to feel the sun but cool enough to enjoy it. I personally started the day off early this morning with a solo walk of 2 hours around Corning. I stopped a few times, to take in my surroundings, one of which included the fountain near Centerway Square; they've finally got it running. I was the only one there, dipping my hot toes in the cool water and prompting my face freckles to come out. A super cool day... one of the best ones this year!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mmmm... Buubbbbllleeessss

I scrubbed the high chair in a very tedious way before packing it up for storage. We're talking scouring pad, anti-bacterial wipes and something sharp to dig out dried food in places i never imagined. I did all this on the porch. While Sam was being very good at keeping his paws - um, hands - out of the bowl of sudsy water when i asked him to, he was
also PAINFULLY INTRIGUED. His little pointer finger got closer and closer and closer... first a point, then a dip, then a whole hand in, then soon enough, his hand was flying with suds. He loved smearing them on his face and sticking his tongue out. You'd have thought it
was candy! He managed to empty the bowl of water with just his hand dipping-n-shaking. It was fun to watch him experience a whole new THING. One thing's for sure - Sam loves water. All aspects. Which i'm THRILLED with. I'm totally looking forward to our vacation in Maine this summer on the lake. I can't wait to watch him play in the shallow water to his heart's content.

A Boy and His Dog - Chapter II

Cazenovia Par-tay Zone

Last Friday, Ron and i packed the car, grabbed our cutie pie son, and headed to Ron's alma mater's town Cazenovia (2 hrs from us) for a small party. His friend Emily and a few mutual friends, as well as new ones, gathered for munchies, laughs and memories. I was thrilled with how totally cool everyone was and how everyone
mingled so nicely even though several of us had never met. The ambience was super laid back and really comfortable. Even Sam was feeling like he was at home. He insisted on trotting around with his "All The Rage" plastic catch-all bib on (everyone dug it!) and laughing and being his total cute self; everyone fell in love. And even when it was time to put him down in his travel playard, in a strange room, he cried for all of 5 min then zonked. We stayed til about 11
and even rousing Sam was a dream: groggy looks, snuggles into our necks and yawns while being placed in his carseat, all "jammy-fied." Just a wonderful, fun, relaxing night with great people. Emily gave us our wedding present (ha!) that night - a really cool canvas painted image of a blue clouded sky - and if you look closely, there is a sole glider plane. It's already hanging up.