Sunday, December 16, 2007

Blue Jays

Shirley turned us on to these bird seed cakes that we hang on a pole outside our kitchen window. Sam likes to watch the birds, and it is a nice thing to do in the winter. I'm surprised to see the different COLORFUL variety of birds appear; birds i normally do not see otherwise. Anyhow, this morning, the bird of 'choice' was the Blue Jay. I've seen these birds dive bomb cats in Virginia... they can be pretty aggressive. That said, at one point, FOUR of them were all fighting over the seed cake. I've tried to capture this a little in photos...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

I'm very good at finding Charlie Brown Christmas trees. In fact, i seek them out. I figure they already chop these poor scraggly evergreens down, i might as well give them some lovin'. We've grown quite fond of a very cool, very CHEAP, Christmas tree place just entering Addison, called Towner Tree Farms. For the past three years, we've found our tree there, and each time, it's cost us $6.99. I mean, c'mon. Why pay $40+ for a tree that you are just going to put out on your curb in one month?! Well, that's my opinion.

You might be wondering how Sam is with the tree. Or rather, the "tinkering with" and "curiosity for" the tree. Answer is, he's being very good. He is definitely intrigued and interested, but i've explained to him to be gentle and to just LOOK. So far, so good. Frankly, that's his demeanor, and we're lucky. I'm thankful. Even Beegs doesn't give a hoot about it, and Zap doesn't come downstairs, so... we're all set!

Hope everyone is all ready for Christmas, which is in a little over 10 days. I still have cookies to bake and a couple mailings to get out, but otherwise, i'm as ready as i ever am. I take a very laid back approach to this holiday, as in, i don't go nutzoid. Probably cuz i've never had the funds to do so. ;-)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sparkle 2007

Well, Sparkle Christmas in downtown Corning was early this year, on the first, last Saturday. And it was ding-dang COLD out. Sheesh. Of course Sam refuses, normally, to wear mittens, so i didn't even bother, but by the end of 2 blocks (we walked down; forget the hassle of parking!), he was wimpering with red hands. Thus, the "lobster claw" look he fashioned nicely with Mommy's mittens. We peeked into Pookies shortly and found some mittens he kept on (they didn't work so great anyhow).

(Here's a good spot to complain about the stroller you see Sam in. I JUST bought it at Target. It's supposd to be a "super deluxe" compact stroller. Some of the comforts of the big strollers with the ease and convenience of the little umbrella strollers. This thing is a JOKE! We had to literally wedge Sam into it (the tray/cup holder does not swing open!) and had the hardest time getting him out to see Santa. Knowing full well that he was WAY TOO BIG for this thing, Ron tried to close the awning and had to smoosh Sam's head underneathe, which really gave us a good laugh. What the HECK! I've read the box and specs, and no where does it give a size limit, like "if your two year old is HUGE, don't buy this." That would have been helpful. Oh well.)

I have to say, Sparkle just doesn't seem to have the 'sparkle' that its had in the past. I remember it being much more crowded, not only with people walking the streets, but with vendors and activities. A year or so before we worked it with the hot dog truck, i recall it being downright CROWDED, and i would run into a few folks i knew. The past few years - not so much. I don't know - maybe its me. You tell me.

I was excited to see the line was short for Santa. We've been introducing Sam to Santa and His World. He still doesn't fully get it, of course; soon he'll link gifts and Christmas with Bearded Old Guy. Outside the door, waiting our turn, he'd point and say "Dan-ta" with a smile of wonder. But once inside.......


That's fine with me. That's Sam figuring stuff out. Mom says that i never really warmed up to Santa at any point. I wonder what Sam would do if Ron dressed up like him? Would he get it then, or would he still be scared? Hmmm...