Monday, May 26, 2008

Teacher Influence in the Home

Sounds like a really technical and serious title, doesn't it? Wait'll you hear this. It made me laugh!

One morning, Sam crawled into our bed upon waking up, as per his "usual." Ron and i make small talk with him, and there's usually a lot of tickling, giggling and alphabet reciting. At one point, Ron and i were chatting about something, and Sam sits up between us, puts both hands up in a "stop right there" motion (think traffic cop) and says, "Stop it, you guys!" Ron and i laughed and looked at each other. I said, "Sam... what did you say?" He repeated it, motions and all, only this time with a smirk on his face. I said, "who taught you that?"


Fast-forward to a couple days later, riding home in the car from daycare. It's another habit of Sam's to make it very clear that he'd rather not go directly home from school. Or from ANYWHERE on the road, for that matter. "No go home, Mom. No go home MOMMY." Usually said matter of factly, or with a ridiculous sad whine, as though home were the WORST place ever. Sure enough (I was just waiting for it), i'm pulling out of the parking spot and Sam says, "No go home Mommy...(3 second pause)... in 2 minutes!" Minutes came out "mittits" but i knew exactly what he said. And it was the TONE in which he said it. As though very much directing me. I said, "Sam - who taught you that?"


After both occurences, at the time they happened, i laughed because i could hear his teacher Kim saying both things in context during their day. The kids are rowdy, she's had it, and she comes over, hands up, and says, "Stop it RIGHT NOW, you guys." And how about the time warning of "okay - you've got 2 MINUTES to clean this mess up!"

I loved it. I think she'll be humored by an email sharing these tidbits.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sam has recently, and happily, learned to successfully use the word "Nakey." Meaning naked. And he LOVES being naked. He eagerly strips down for his "Boo Bubble Bath." He acknowledges when Ron and i are naked, with a smile.

The other night, during dinner out, I was having a fun, casual conversation with Sam, seeing what he knows, how he'll respond to a new kind of question, etc. Ron was watching, smiling.

I said, "hey Sam... do you like being naked?" He replied with an enthusiastic and smiley "YEAHH!!!" Then i said, "Sam... what does it mean to be naked?"
Without missing a beat, he broke into this little wiggly "Happy Dance" in his seat. Head and torso wiggling and snaking to invisible music, all while smiling and nodding "yes." Ron and i lost it. It was an awesome response to a different kind of question.

....... only more of these to come! I'M PSYCHED!!!!