Monday, January 28, 2008


It's been done.

We have cut the O' Mighty Samson's LOCKS! Before you weep in sorrow, perhaps you will find it enlightening to know that he is still able to lift a gallon of milk out of the grocery bag to hand to Mommy to put in the fridge (with much grunting, i might add). HIS STRENGTH IS NOT LOST! Haha.

Ron and i chatted earlier, and he was okay with my possibly going to get Sam's hair cut without him. I knew it was going to be soon. Sam no longer donned the cutie pie curly locks in the back after a bath or a sweaty day. Now his hair was straight, scraggly and VERY static-y. He was constantly brushing it out of his face (and sometimes mouth) and it was driving us both nutz. Time for the cut!

Sunday, after his nap, we had some errands to run, and i thought i would take him to Cost Cutters across from Walmart. There was a line at 3pm! They told me it would be a 45 min wait, and i figured i could pick up some things at Walmart and come back, so i gave 'em Sam's name and left.

After shopping for only about 20 min at Walmart, i noticed their hair salon while i was paying. It was open - AND EMPTY. What the heck, right?

(In case you might be wondering why i didn't attempt the first cut myself... well, that's easy. No way, Jose! I know Sam, and i know me with cutting hair. He's squirmy and restless (or can be) and i take
forever to cut hair. With scissors. If i'm buzzing it off, no big whoop. But i knew buzzing was not an option for Sam's first cut)

I mosied in, cart and all, and the gal set us up near the back. Right away, he started getting a little leery about what was going on. Some whining, squirming and mild tears. She totally knew what to expect with Sam and gave me a ton of really good suggestions to make this all go more easily. I sat in the chair and had Sam straddle my lap facing me. The gal, Ashleigh, put bibs on both of us. There was another cute gal sitting behind us, taking her break. She quickly jumped in to help Sam feel more comfortable and before i knew it, she had brought him 2 sheets of stickers. That was the trick. Through the course of the cut, he was completely occupied with sticking the stickers on me and a mirror.

Soon after Ashleigh began, it occurred to me that i wanted to document this momentous occasion! I couldn't very well do it from my situation! So i asked Sticker Gal (missed getting her name) if she would want to do me a GIGANTIC favor and take some snaps. She was thrilled. And she got a ton of shots!

These two girls, i can't stress enough, really
made Sam's First Haircut a comfortable, peaceful experience. I was really appreciative, and happily tipped both of them well. I would go back there, especially to Ashleigh again. It was such a BASIC cut, i mean, i watched what she did, and i know how to do it, but she was FAST, and even, and he didn't even get through TWO SHEETS OF STICKERS. That's worth it to me.

So now my son is even MORE handsome and adorable than ever! It's only the second day, but i'm still getting used to his new look. Anytime i talk about his hair to him, he pats his head and nods with a smile. I think he digs it too!

AND A NOTE TO BOTH NANNIES AND POP-POP - - you will get your little baggie of HAIR, don't worry! If I'm feeling particularly creative, i might even do it up for you.

Friday, January 18, 2008

It's not safe when you are an empty laundry basket just sitting around!!!
WHEEEEEEEE!!!! Faster Daddy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Lil Visitor

Have you met our houseguest, Sigvard, all the way from Finland? He even brought with him a fresh catch from the Gulf of Bothnia. That SCOUNDREL!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

"We're Movin' on uh-UP!"

For a few months now, I've been toying with the idea of transitioning Sam to a bed. Maybe one of those cute toddler beds, or a twin with a side rail. Whatever. I talked to his doc at the last visit and she suggested he was ready. I've talked to friends, and this is the time. I've seen articles in mags and shows on t.v. - yes, this is a good age.

But i'll admit, I was being a wuss about it. And WHY? NO, it has ZERO to do with "my baby growing up." I think i've made it clear to many of you that i love the idea of Sam getting older. I daydream about him going to school, playing sports or towering over me in college. No... the REASON IS LAME, i warn you: I didn't want to have to deal with the likely chance that he'd be getting up and down with his newfound freedom.

Because We've Had it OH SO GOOD Since Day 1.

We weren't the parents that had restless sleepless nights with a crying newborn (barring those ONE OR TWO nights!). We never had a hard time with him going down for bed or a nap (barring some teething nights or flu pukes). And I am very much aware and appreciative of these thing. So imagine my not wanting to rock that boat with a little bed that says "here... there's a way for you to get out, my friend... go roam, go explore, go bug mommy at 2am at her bedside, and freak her out of her wits!"

Well, i think i may have underestimated my son, and i had this realization in the span of 1 minute while helping Ron carry a 'new' used Toddler Bed up our stairs from an awesome Sal Val purchase.

I sat in the Sat Val hemming and hawwing this brainless purchase for the all the reasons stated above. This lil bed was in PERFECT, if not nearly new, condition. White, simple, totally cute. i had not intended to buy a toddler bed, but here one was, and it would work. Great, in fact. Ron said, "let's buy it now, but convert his crib to a daybed. As he gets used to that, we'll move him over to this." That reasoning sounded GRAND, so we did it.

In bringing it up the front stairs, i said, "Ron... i think i'm underestimating Sam. I DON'T think he'll buck us on this. I have a feeling now that he'll really dig his new bed and just take to it."

OMG, i was right.

First, when we walked in the door, his eyes lit up and he was EXCITED. Right away, he exclaimed, "MINE!?" - i said, "yeah buddy... it's your new bed. Do you like it?" Big smile and nodding head. Then he wanted to get right in! Of course there was no mattress, but at this point i knew we would be transitioning him TONIGHT.

So Ron and i brought it up, and with Sam's "help" we disassembled the crib and moved the toddler bed into place. I moved all his "bed buddies" over and at first, he was scrambling and turning and bouncing, christening his new bed! But when we turned all the lights out and went thru his normal bed routine, he cuddled into the corner saying "night night" and.... THAT WAS THAT!!!

I was shocked. I mean, i was and I wasn't. All night i kept waiting for the pitter patter of little feet, Sam appearing at the top of the steps after we had gone back down. Maybe it helped that it was about an hour past his bedtime when he finally went down. i don't know. I'm not going to question this too much.

My son just matured a few extra months on me tonight. This is a big deal. At least to me. There are certain "milestones" in a child's life, and i think moving from a crib to a bed is a big one. Not that he'll make note of it or remember. But i will. This is COOL!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Comment about "Comments"

I just wanted to toss out there to all our "admirers and viewers" a little something about "Comments" at the bottom of each entry. These spots are for you to let us know whatcha think about whatcha seein'! I know many of you glance at our blog from time to time, but what i really look forward to is hearing from you. Maybe one of our pics has sparked a memory of your own! Maybe one of our entries has got you thinking about the topic more, or you just plain really dug one of Sam's photos. LET US KNOW! Don't be shy. You are able to post an "Anonymous" comment if you'd like to NOT register, but registering is free, and it tags a name on to the comment, so we'll know who's talkin'. Give it a try. Let's make this blog more interactive for the new year.