Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's a BOY !!!

Samson Vonnegut Telford was born at 12:50am on November 16, 2005! Enjoy the following photos, which we'll be sure to update every chance we get. We're just so in love with the lil guy! We call him Sam for short - as well as 'Bubs,' 'Squeakers,' 'Snorty' and 'Lovey,' depending on mood.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Our Wedding Day - July 2, 2005

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A big thank you to everyone that attended our wedding and made it quite literally one of the best, most fun days of our lives! It was wonderful seeing many of you that live far away from us, and Ron and I both enjoyed meeting each other's friends. The weather was amazing (duh!) and the band rocked hard! I think everyone should have a "wedding day" whether you actually marry or not, just to celebrate friendships, family and LIFE!

Click here to see a nice selection of wedding photos. You might be FAMOUS!

About our Family

We Image hosted by reside in western New York. We've also got two dogs and two cats. The wee one is certainly keeping us on our toes (but not awake at night!), but we've still found time to do the things we like. Ron's newest project is working on building a treehouse in our backyard with wood from the local bar's discarded dance floor! Christine endeavors to catch up on various hobbies, including her wedding scrapbook album, as well as a new one for Sam. We both want to utilize our talents more: Ron making candles, and Christine doing SOMETHING from the myriad of right-brained things she's good at. Is there a pause button on time to get all this in?